Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 5

Lvl2 Issue 5

You can download this issue for free HERE

The cover and interior artworks (and the associated quotes)
for this issue are by David Southwell 

David is an author of several published books about true crime and
conspiracies which have been translated into a dozen languages.
These days, however, he mainly writes about place.

This issue of Wyrd Daze features a new instalment of David’s
The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland


Also in this issue are two great pieces of fiction:
Dāgônime by Martin Hayes
Not the Moon by Kolja Aertgeerts

as well as an interview with musician
and sound artist Peter Verwimp



This month’s Wyrd Daze EP features the following tracks:

Track One : Emily & AngelineThe Hive
Track Two : The Heartwood InstituteWalking the Ponies
Track Three : The Heartwood Institute
Watching and Waiting
Track Four : AshtorethThrenody IV (Live in Oslo)

Hookland Radio

Recently uncovered from the private collection of one
who wishes to remain anonymous,
this recording of a Hookland Radio broadcast
from the late 60’s is an enticing glimpse
into the curious eccentricity of the
Hookland community at the time.

As can be expected, the quality of the recording
is not up to modern standards,
but it is an enjoyable listen nevertheless.

Sounds of the Night

An experiment in multimedia storytelling,
Sounds of the Night is an animated short story
written and created by Kendall Redburn.
You can take a look here

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Download Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 5 for free HERE


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