Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 4

Welcome to Wyrd Daze!

Lvl2 Issue 4 cover

You can download this issue for free HERE

The artworks for this issue have been chosen from the
treasure trove of over one million images that the
British Library released into the Public Domain.

In Fairy Land A series of pictures from the elf-world by Richard Doyle With a poem by W Allingham - caption 'An elf and a fairy kissing'

This issue features three amazing tales of woe and wonder:

Burden to Bear by Kendall Redburn
Changes in the Hive-Town by Martin Hayes
Chitterers by Anthony Morgan-Clark

There is also the latest essay, this time about dark matter,
from our resident wyrd scientist
Melissa Beall
an interview with musician Keith Seatman
and additional art from Paul Watson

This month’s Wyrd Daze EP features the following tracks:

Keith SeatmanStrange Tales & Lost Paper Trails
Ashtoreth Séance VIII (Channeling Black Bone)
Kieron MahonThe Men Went to the Moon
PolyporesVoices In The Walls
The Tara ExperimentThe Anomalist

You can download the EP as part of Lvl2 Issue 4, 
or alternatively you can stream it HERE.

Image taken from page 68 of 'Belle and the Dragon. An elfin comedy'

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Download Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 4 for free HERE 

Froissart's Chronicles (Volume IV, part 2) - caption 'Masquerade at French court'

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