Wyrd Daze in Quebec

WD in Quebec

Wyrd Daze, le magazine multimédia de musique, art et écriture extraordinaires, vous souhaite la bienvenue!

Welcome to Wyrd Daze: the multimedia zine of extraordinary music, art, & writing!

Ce nouveau numéro est une édition spéciale bilingue en “Québecois/Anglais”
Wyrd Daze et a exclusivement comme focus les musiciens,
les artistes et les écrivains du Québec.

The latest issue is a special Québécois / English bilingual edition of Wyrd Daze focusing exclusively on artists, musicians, and writers from Quebec.

L’illustration ci-dessus est par Lydia St-Amour. Ses œuvres d’art vibrantes sont présentées dans ce numéro et il y a aussi une entrevue avec l’artiste.

The above artwork is by Lydia St-Amour. Her vibrant works are featured in this issue and there is an interview with the artist as well.

Nous pouvons également retrouver dans cette édition de la poésie par
Anaël Turcotte et Thaddeus Buckingham

Elsewhere in this issue is poetry by Anaël Turcotte and Thaddeus Buckingham

+ un portfolio et une entrevue avec l’artiste multidisciplinaire, organisatrice communautaire et modèle Émie Jacques

+ a portfolio and interview with multidisciplinary artist, community organiser,
and model 
Émie Jacques


Photographie par Patrick Blais            —                                                   Styling / Modèle,  Émie Jacques

De plus, il y a deux téléchargements de musique dans ce numéro:

In addition there are two music downloads for this issue:

Bacchus Beltane 4: un mix par / a mix by The Ephemeral Man

+ un enregistrement édité d’un jam avec le groupe / 
an edited recording of a jam with the band
Les Portes St-Louis


Traduction / Translation par Natasha Thibouthot
Curated by Leigh Wright

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Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 6

Lvl2 Issue 6

Cover & interior art by The Implicit Order
orchestrated by
The Ephemeral Man

Download this issue for free, HERE

The Wyrd Daze EP

Track One : Огнестрельное Ружье by Oat Oaks
Track Two : Good Ol’ Twine
Douglas E. Powell & The Rising Spirit
Track Three :
So this is DubHop by Black Saturn
Track Four :
Night-Gaunts by K. Fenrir
Track Five :
Will you take me all the way?
The Implicit Order
~ An Interview with Anthony Washburn  
(Troublemaker/Grifter at The Implicit Order)
~ Ontogenesis (a story) by Martin Hayes 
 ~ A tribute to Sylvia Anderson by David Southwell and Simon Drax 
~ An interview with Phillipe Gerber 
(Musician, painter, photographer, engineer,
label manager at Alrealon Musique)
Hippo Daze

artwork by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

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All hail the mighty Oat Oaks!

Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 5

Lvl2 Issue 5

You can download this issue for free HERE


The cover and interior artworks (and the associated quotes)
for this issue are by David Southwell 
David is an author of several published books about true crime and
conspiracies which have been translated into a dozen languages.
These days, however, he mainly writes about place.
This issue of Wyrd Daze also features a new instalment of David’s

The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland


Also in this issue are two great pieces of fiction:
Dāgônime by Martin Hayes
Not the Moon by Kolja Aertgeerts

as well as an interview with musician
and sound artist Peter Verwimp



This month’s Wyrd Daze EP features the following tracks:

Track One : Emily & AngelineThe Hive

Track Two : The Heartwood InstituteWalking the Ponies

Track Three : The Heartwood Institute
Watching and Waiting

Track Four : AshtorethThrenody IV (Live in Oslo)


Hookland Radio

Recently uncovered from the private collection of one
who wishes to remain anonymous,
this recording of a Hookland Radio broadcast
from the late 60’s is an enticing glimpse
into the curious eccentricity of the
Hookland community at the time.

As can be expected, the quality of the recording
is not up to modern standards,
but it is an enjoyable listen nevertheless.

Sounds of the Night

An experiment in multimedia storytelling,
Sounds of the Night is an animated short story
written and created by Kendall Redburn.
You can take a look here


Wyrd Daze is free, but contributors still get paid via patronage!
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Download Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 5 for free HERE


Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 3


Welcome to Wyrd Daze : the multimedia zine of speculative fiction + experimental music, art, & writing.

You can download this issue for free HERE


This months artwork is by Choncey Langford – there’s much more to be seen within the zine!

10431296_10152436252508673_7829363609296087282_oThere’s also music from Choncey under the moniker
Faux Brut on this issue’s accompanying EP,
as well as a track by
Pas Musique from
their new album
Inside the Spectrum.


Also in this issue…

Fiction: The June Bug by Chris Lambert

Fiction : Notes from Some Other War by Martin Hayes

States of Matter : an essay about the wyrd of science
by Melissa Beall

Pas Musique : an interview with Robert L. Pepper

Fragments from : The Fife Psychogeographical Collective

You can download this issue for free HERE


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Hello there, Wyrd Heads!

Issue 8 of Wyrd Daze is on the way and will be an
Alrealon Musique Special, dedicated to the
exciting and eclectic label.

It’s a bit overdue as I have been very busy over the
past few weeks, and I’m still gathering the materials
to be included in the issue.


So in the meantime I’ve put together a little interlude package for Wyrd Daze subscribers which includes the following:


– an exclusive audio collage from The Ephemeral Man
crafted especially for this interlude which includes
material from a forthcoming EP

– episode 3 of Paperclippe‘s
Life, the Universe, and Everything vlog

– a raw text peek at the next instalment of acclaimed author David Southwell‘s Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland


All subscribers should by now have received a message
with a link to download this interlude.


Subscribe now via Patreon from as little as $1 a month and you will receive this interlude package as well as a free digital copy of the original print version of Wyrd Daze
and an 11 track music compilation.

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Wyrd Daze competition and update


Time for another Wyrd Daze update, including news of a competition!

I’m pleased to say that the zine is going strong: I’m currently putting together issue 5, and as I type there are 25 subscribers. Having 25 people happy to invest a little money every month is quite an achievement for an independent endeavour, and I am very proud of how the zine is progressing. The quality of contributions continues to be excellent, and I am extremely grateful to all those who have given their time and shared some of their magnificent creativity. With 25 subscribers, I am able to pay regular contributors a little for their work.


The next goal is to keep spreading the word and reach 50 subscribers, whereupon I will be able to pay more people more money for their contributions. I firmly believe that artists deserve to get paid for their work as much as anyone does, and that a subscription based model such, as with Wyrd Daze, is a good viable way to facilitate such payment: directly, without intervention disrupting the creativity, and without intrusion from advertising or other commercial limitations.


So, what you can do to help is spread the word, create something, contribute, perhaps write a review of the zine or a specific part of it, and most of all consider subscribing, to help support independent creativity. It’s not a chore, it’s a gift: for only $5, which is less than £3, you get a dazzling amount to content every month!


You can subscribe HERE 


Alternatively, there’s a button to subscribe directly via Paypal HERE


You can also buy back issues HERE


Every little share, good word, contribution, review, and subscription really helps. Thank you so much to all those that do!


On to the competition! Watch the short video below…


So, all you have to do is guess when all the snow will be gone, and the person who guesses the closest will win a 5 month subscription to Wyrd Daze. Email your guess to wyrd.daze@gmail.com.


Current subscribers can enter too, and can win a special prize, the detail of which I’m keeping under wraps for a little longer.

Thank you very much for your time,

I wish you the wyrdest of dreams…





Wyrd Daze update


Issue 3 is out now, and there are just a few days left to subscribe and receive a digital version of the original print version of Wyrd Daze, which will be transferred to the list of stand alone BACK ISSUES from Issue 4.


There’s another bounty of wonders coming in Issue 4, with stories by Sean Quigley and Keith Haworth, and the next installment of The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland by David Southwell, amongst other things.


The Issue 4 EP has an exclusive track by komische maestro Guenter Schlienz (there’s an interview with him in the zine too), as well as tracks by Anonymou3 and Concretism.


All that and, of course, much MORE!


Subscribing to Wyrd Daze costs $5 a month, which is less than £3. The money raised creates a revenue with which to pay creators for their original contributions to the zine.

Subscribe HERE

The more people subscribe, the more I’ll be able to pay, so please consider subscribing to help support independent creativity!


Submissions of writing, art, music, video, photography, and just about any other creative endeavour you can imagine will be considered and are much appreciated! Please contact Leigh at wyrd.daze@gmail.com




Wyrd Daze love, and one heck of a bargain!

Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly - from the Wyrd Daze original print zine.

Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly – from the Wyrd Daze original print zine.


We are close to the launch of Issue 2 of Wyrd Daze, which means there are only a few days left to subscribe to receive Issue 1.


And here’s a tip: if you subscribe before Nov 30th, you will effectively be getting 3 issues of the zine for 5 Canadian dollars, which as I type converts to the incredibly low price of £2.93!


To clarify – your subscription lasts a month, so if you subscribe before Nov 30th you will receive Issue 1, a digital version of the original print zine, and Issue 2, released on 30th Nov.


Now that  is one heck of a bargain!


Click HERE to subscribe


After Nov 30th, Issue 1 will be available as a stand alone product for $5, and I’ll continue to archive back issues in this way for latecomers. 


The zine has been getting a good deal of love, and it is an honour and delight for it to have been mentioned by some people who I admire greatly:


Multi-instrumentalist Matt Bower took some time to interview me about Wyrd Daze at his blog, which you can read HERE.


Artist and designer John Coulthart, who may well be contributing to a future issue of the zine, mentioned Wyrd Daze at his blog HERE.


BBC resident hauntologist Robin the Fog, who contributed a mix to Issue 1, blogged about the zine HERE.


And freelance writer and musician Jason Simpson wrote a wonderful piece about Wyrd Daze for Amazing Stories, HERE.


I leave you with a sneak peak of Issue 2, a page from The Dream book of Mr. Pyridine by Mahendra Singh 


TDBOMP 7final



Launch Day for Issue 1!




It is with great pleasure that I present to you
the Wyrd Daze digital zine!


This issue contains:

The Wyrd Daze EP 1 

Track 1 – Piotr Kurek : Becoming Light
Track 2 – The Hare and Moon : The Dream
Track 3 – April Larson : Harbor House Library
Track 4 – Machine est mon Coeur : Thimble of Wisdom
Track 5 – Isobel Ccircle : King keeps them chained


The Wyrd Daze Podcast featuring:

The Crimson Executioner Part 1 by The Ephemeral Man
The Instructor   written & read by   Joshua Levesque
Silent Streets : Awakening   written & read by   C . S


The Wyrd Daze Zine (PDF) which contains:

Cover collage by The Ephemeral Man

Second cover art by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

Poetry by Melissa DiemEmma Hammond,               Natasha ThibouthotEKP

Interviews with Machine est mon Coeur,                        Grey Malkin of The Hare and Moon, Berit Ellingsen

Fiction:    Between Floors by Gareth Rees                                        Only the Pulsing Void by Phil Legard

Photography + The Phoenix Guide to Strange England:      Hookland by David Southwell

The Visitations of Melmoth and the Legend of the Wanderer     by Jim Peters

Fragments from the Fife Psychogeographical Collective             by Fifepsy

One page comic (Untitled) by Mo Ali

The Weird Audio Realms of Laurel Halo and Demdike Stare       by Michael Holland




Vexations by Black Classical

the one about the bird by Melissa Diem


– Music Mix: Robin the Fog’s Wyrdmix