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A statement against prejudice

Wyrd Daze feels compelled to make a statement against prejudice.

We all occasionally slip into judgmental behaviour; for complicated reasons it is woven into our nature. But I hope that most would agree that judgemental behaviour is something worth striving to overcome.

A few days ago, I saw some comments on Twitter that kinda rocked my world. This was from someone with quite a prominent position within a cultural nexus of things that Wyrd Daze resonates with: strange music, art & writing, landscape, nature & folklore, esotericism, spiritual and social philosophy & practice. There are rising cultural trends within this nexus, such as expressing anti-fascist sentiments through the arts. This is great but:

If you think you stand against fascism, but take the time to publicly judge and insult people based on their appearance and social/cultural background, then think again.

This kind of hypocrisy can affect the culture in a negative way from within, and as perceived from without. We can do much better.

Wyrd Daze stands against all forms of prejudice.  

Together we can create the culture we really want, but we have to really want it.

The Ephemeral Man’s 6th Birthday / My wife and I are asking for help.

It’s The Ephemeral Man’s 6th Birthday!

Badge 6

Six is The Ephemeral Man’s special number.

To celebrate, Wyrd Daze presents: An interview with The Ephemeral Man (PDF)

6 : a specially crafted sound collage 

and introducing
Disco Rd: Memoirs of an Ephemeral Man
– part semi-fictional autobiography, part Discordian rambling. 


My wife is having serious health issues and we are in quite a desperate situation.
We are asking for help.

For more information please visit this post on my personal blog 

Your time and consideration is very much appreciation.