Sehnsucht by Oskar Zwintscher, c. 1900

Greetings Wyrdians, 

In this painting my aim was to explore some of the varied shades of Sehnsucht within a singular experience:

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According to Wikipedia:
Psychologists have worked to capture the essence of Sehnsucht by identifying its six core characteristics:

  1. utopian conceptions of ideal development;
  2. sense of incompleteness and imperfection of life;
  3. conjoint time focus on the past, present, and future;
  4. ambivalent (bittersweet) emotions;
  5. reflection and evaluation of one’s life; and
  6. symbolic richness.

The art of Wyrd Daze Seven ~ Eph

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Samhain Séance 8 : There’s No Going Back

The Ephemeral Man presents:

Samhain Séance 8 :
There’s No Going Back

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Features excerpts from the films:
Midsommar – written & directed by Ari Aster, music by Bobby Krlic
In Fabric – written & directed by Peter Strickland,
music by Cavern of Anti-Matter
Without Name – written by Garret Shanley, directed by Lorcan Finnegan,
music by Gavin O’Brien and Neil O’Connor

1 Gong – Other Side of the Sky
2 CocoRosie – Gallows
3 Neal Heppleston – Willie of Winsbury
4 Peter Gundry – The Sacred Order
5 Biosphere – Strigiformes
6 Beautify Junkyards – Prism
7 Bridget St. John – Curious Crystals Of Unusual Purity
8 Floating Points – Kites
9 Vanishing Twin – Cryonic Suspension May Save Your Life
10 Clara Engel – Meteorite Dust On My Fingers
11 The Leaf Library – Hissing Waves
12 Les Vampyrettes – Biomutanten
13 The Utopia Strong – Moonchild

The Ephemeral Man’s Teapot 2 – Atmosphere insomniac

An occasional podcast
33-min original sonic paintings by The Ephemeral Man
ft. nonsense by Mother Redcap


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Teapot nonsense poem written & read by Mother Redcap

Aramind, Aramind, fordandus wyrm
Flowing forbrôkk on grandus Lorm
Cham the loathsome crankle nephim
With close hamedan crankcha felim
Limbus cron li Shabancoft
Where querim li queris folmat
Aramind makit strangled halfmat
Ensued scrimmage mortal fràkmat
Came to haven Shabancoft.