Disco Rd 2: 23 pages 23 minutes

Disco Rd, a Discordian zine & podcast
Issue 2!
Contains wisdom and absurdity

Includes the recollection:
+ a Slack Card
by Tim Dedopolus

Also includes a showcase of the Principia Discordia series of collages
by Paul Watson

And an exclusive & divine piece of art
by Discordian extraordinaire
Bobby Campbell

Hail Eris!
All Hail Discordia!

What is Disco Rd and how do I get there?
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Utilizing loops by juliancurrier, Rasputin, MrGanso, mayrln, Westside4124, rennu, gen9820, SuperSouperBeatz, quadkanix, JansMusic

Maybe the World did End in 2012 and We are Just Ghosts

The new mix by The Ephemeral Man

1 John Haughey – Intertidal
2 The Utopia Strong – Castalia
3 Swansither – States
4 Warpaint – Stevie
5 Marta Mist – Godspeed, Little Doodle
6 HAWKSMOOR – ZXSpectral
7 Erang – Medieval Mourn
8 Erang – Forever Lost In The Vast Of Time
9 The Green Kingdom – Astral Companion sound in silence
10 Bluetech – Restless (Erothyme Remix)
11 Napoleon XIV – They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!
12 Paul McCartney – Another Day (2012 Remaster)
13 Steve Hadfield – They Danced
14 Polypores – Our Tiny Orbits 10th Feb
15 Goat – Do The Dance
16 Audio Obscura – And You May Find Your Self Living In An Age Of Mass Extinction
17 GALÁN – VOGT – Panacea I (Akira Rabelais Remix)
18 Brothers of Metal- Weaver Of Fate
19 Dean Honer – Throbbing Drizzle
20 Yves Malone – Smoke and Ash, Hand in Hand

Disco Rd : 23 pages 23 minutes

Introducing Disco Rd, a Discordian zine & podcast
You don’t have to be a Discordian to enjoy this zine & podcast, but it helps!
If you weren’t a Discordian before enjoying this zine & podcast, you might not be after
(but you might!)
Once you’ve been to Disco Rd, you’ll never want to leave! Fnord

What is Disco Rd and how do I get there?
or stream the podcast below

Utilizing loops by 4EVRSHX, DE1TY, epbeats02, Fixturebeats, GINOMADEIT, imissyouchristom, itstracytray, JoeFunktastic, JansMusic, JansMusic, JansMusic – much appreciation for the amazing sounds!

Samhain Séance 11 : ęndleofon

Features excerpts from the films Nope, Hellraiser and Mad God

Listen on Mixcloud

1 afp – Flight
2 The Leaf Library – Architect of the Moon
3 Salvatore Mercatante – Detector
4 Katie Kim – Eraser
5 Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where the Time Goes
6 Clannad – The Theme from Harry’s Game
7 Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Locking Stumps
8 The Leaf Library – Goodbye Four Walls
9 Hania Rani – Zero Hour
10 Danny Scott Lane & Dennis Young – Sleepwalkers October 28th
11 Marisa Anderson & William Tyler – Lost Futures
12 Brian Eno – We Let It In
13 The Home Current – In The Moselle November 25th
14 anrimeal – i want
15 Mike Oldfield – On Horseback
16 Mortality Tables – On Mortality, Immortality & Charles Ives
17 Klaus Schulze – Osiris Pt. 3
18 Rupert Lally – Taking The Wheel
19 Anna Tivel – Outsiders
20 The Leaf Library – City In Reverse
21 Kayla Painter – Echoes of Pluto November 11th