Zenith’s Edge: an auditory experience

Zenith's Edge

Wyrd Daze presents an auditory experience
exploring the
Zenith’s Edge multiverse.


There are six beings that have been around since the beginning of time: living, dying, being born again and again into different cultures, different worlds across the multiverse.
For now we shall name them Zenith, Wyrd, Normal, Faust, & Nadir – each one of them a vortex of change and experiential motion… but nothing lasts forever. Soon Abrasax will announce his immanence and the six will know that their time to return to source is nigh.
Not all of them will go willingly…  
Crafted by The Ephemeral Man.


An addition to the Wyrd Daze: One experience.

Partial tracklist
*Zenith by The Ephemeral Man
Starman by David Bowie
Citadel by Quok
Coming Your Way by Fleetwood Mac
Solar Sailor by Daft Punk
Lifeforms, Path 1 by The Future Sound of London
Mad World by Gary Jules
Cold Space and Peeling Oxide by Howlround
Zenith* by The Ephemeral Man


Wyrd Daze is looking for a community manager!

Hello! I’m Leigh Wright, curator of Wyrd Daze.

(Tiny bio: I’m an Englishman currently living in Quebec – an incorrigible geek working on my first speculative fiction novel. Sometimes I make or mix strange music under the moniker The Ephemeral Man)

I always liked zines – those obscure self-published paper products espousing in such creative ways. And I love the idea of creative collaboration and curation – of combining different art forms into some wondrous whole…


Some classic zines from the 70’s

In 2012 I begat Wyrd Daze: the multimedia zine of speculative fiction and extra-ordinary music, art, and writing. It began as a one-off print edition before going digital. The zine itself is a PDF, but downloads of music, video, or whatever! – can be included. There were 12 issues of “Lvl1” – 6 issues of “Lvl2” – a “Wyrd Daze in Quebec” special – and I’ve recently begun “Lvl3” with Wyrd Daze: One.

My vision for Wyrd Daze is for it to foster a community of support and enthusiasm for independent artists. It has been a real joy and honour for me to host some incredible writing, music, and art, over the 21 issues I’ve curated so far. Wyrd Daze itself is free but has a Patreon page to raise a revenue with which to pay contributors. I would love for Wyrd Daze to be able to pay contributors professional rates for their art, and perhaps even to be able to fund further creative projects within the community.

A dedicated community manager would aid greatly toward achieving these goals, but I do not adequately fill that role myself. Although I have a reasonable online presence, a community manager must have strong networking and communication skills. I’m quite the introvert… and have come to realise that if I want Wyrd Daze to reach its potential, I’m going to need help.

Hippo Daze

Hippo-Daze – by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

The role of a “community manager” is subtly different from a “social media manager”, although many of the roles overlap. The difference is that social media managers act as the actual brand they are representing, whereas community managers represent themselves on behalf of the brand they are promoting. With regards to Wyrd Daze, what I’m primarily looking for is enthusiasm for the zine itself, passion for the vision of creating and supporting a community of diverse artists, and a desire to “get out there” and make things happen. Some experience would be welcome, but passion and enthusiasm are more important to me than knowing the academic / technical tricks of the trade.

I know in my heart that Wyrd Daze has wonderful potential and I’m convinced that there is a vibrant audience out there willing to support and participate in its vision – I just need to find it!

Zenith's Edge

some concept artwork for my fictional multiverse, featured in Wyrd Daze: One

I’m trying to keep this post as brief and straight to the point as possible, with the presumption that conversation with potential community managers will continue in detail elsewhere… so let’s talk about money.

As mentioned above, Wyrd Daze has a Patreon page to use as a means to gather a revenue with which to pay contributors. Contributors include me, and that would include you, community manager. So far I’ve been able to offer payment of between $20 – $40 per issue to contributors. This is something, and I’m proud of it. There has been (and still is) a climate of companies / websites / publications / etc exploiting artists by not offering them payment for hosting their work. With Wyrd Daze I’d like to strike the balance between offering the zine for free so that the art has a wider potential audience (and people can freely share and enthuse about it), and making sure those artists get paid.

Part of your role as community manager will be to increase awareness, interest, and support for Wyrd Daze. A simplistic way of looking at revenue goals is like this: if 100 people support Wyrd Daze at $5 per month, that’s a revenue of $1500 per issue (At a release of one issue every three months). It wouldn’t actually be that full amount because of Patreon fees, taxes, and money shifting fees, but we’re being simplistic so bear with me. $1500 per issue is starting to get pretty good – we can pay contributors a pretty decent amount with that, and their works will gain a wider audience as readership grows. Gaining 100 supporters seems like quite a reachable goal, in the scheme of things.

Any increase over 100 and things would get really good. Imagine 200 people, or 500, or 1000? None of those numbers are impossible numbers, even for a strange little zine dealing in wyrd wonders. With that kind of revenue we could pay our contributors professional rates and have some surplus to fund publications, music, artworks… a myriad creative projects await us! That’s the Wyrd Daze dream.

But it’s not all about money – community is the most important part of Wyrd Daze because without that there’s nothing. As community manager you will become the heart and soul of the community – your passion and mediation a guiding and inspiring light!  Ideally you will have a love for speculative fiction and extra-ordinary music, art, and writing… as well as the drive to go forth and spread the love. Your input and collaboration on every aspect of Wyrd Daze will be most welcome. Even better if you yourself create art that fits into the broad aesthetic of the zine!

Art makes us think more deeply, strive more intently, and feel joy more profoundly. Creativity in all its forms brings further meaning to our lives, allowing us to explore existence and communicate our explorations to the world. My desire, my passion, my drive… is to devote as much of my time as possible to making art and experiencing the art of others. Wyrd Daze is the embodiment of that.

If you’re interested in the position of community manager for Wyrd Daze, have a query, or question, drop me a line at wyrd.daze@gmail.com

If the position of community manage is not for you but you’d still like to support Wyrd Daze – thank you! Spreading the word is one of the best things you can do as it helps the zine find its audience. There is a Facebook page and a Facebook group. I’m here on Twitter. You’re reading the Wyrd Daze blog! You can offer financial support at the Wyrd Daze Patreon ($5 a month gets you access to a complete digital archive of the Wyrd Daze catalogue, but every pledge is a step forward toward achieving the vision).

Thank you for your time and consideration,

I wish you all the wyrdest of dreams!


Wyrd Daze One

Wyrd Daze One cover art

Greetings Wyrdians, and welcome to a new era of Wyrd Daze!

Click the link below for free access to this issue. (a PDF and an mp3)




The cover art for this issue was provided by The Implicit Order – there are more haunting images like the one below to be found inside…



Hookland Guide cover

The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland by David Southwell returns, and there’s also a Hookland wordsearch, a “Where’s C. L. Nolan” game, and some classic quotes and writing extracts from C. L. Nolan as well.


Revenant Winds

I am delighted to present an interview with Aurealis Award-winning fantasy and sci-fi author Mitchell Hogan. His Sorcery Ascendant Sequence is one of my favourite fantasy series, and he took the time to answer my questions in depth. There are some great lesser-known reading recommendations too!


Zenith's Edge

An introduction to the Zenith’s Edge multiverse can be found in this issue, including three lost tales that have been cut from the first novel…



23 is an special mix by The Ephemeral Man for Wyrd Daze. Harnessing the mighty power of ordered chaos, the number 23 was integral to the mix. Whereas usually all audio clips and tracks are meticulously placed to ensure their optimum position, this mix was enigmatically optimised by placing each track using the number 23. For example: the second track comes in at 2:23 of the first (and the second track, by Coil, is 23:03 minutes long), and the third track come in at 6:23 mark of the second track.

The result is a mix that is as well crafted as any The Ephemeral Man has done, much to his amazement. Hail Eris!

Also worthy of note is spiralling synchronicity with The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu – I use an extract from a recording of A La Fu Live at Burn the Shard 23-11-17 in this mix. There is much to be discovered for those who want to explore the connections. Fnord!

You can download an mp3 of the mix from within Wyrd Daze One or stream below.


Wyrd Daze is free!

If you enjoy what you experience here and would like to become a patron of the arts, please consider supporting Wyrd Daze for as little as $1 per month at the

Wyrd Daze Patreon.

Wyrd Daze believes that artists should be paid for their published works.
We would like to create a community of support and enthusiasm for independent artists. The more people support, the more art can be made and appreciated.

Art makes us think more deeply, strive more intently, and feel joy more profoundly. Creativity in all it’s forms brings further meaning to our lives, allows us to explore existence and communicate our explorations to the world.


Thank you for your time – I hope you enjoy Wyrd Daze: One, and I wish you the wyrdest of dreams…


ZENITH’S EDGE : an auditory experience

An addition to the Wyrd Daze: One – a music mix / audio drama / audio collage hybrid based on the Zenith’s Edge multiverse. Crafted by The Ephemeral Man.

You can download a copy with the rest of Wyrd Daze: One or stream below…




All quiet on the Western Front?

Greetings Wyrdians!

It’s been all quiet on the Western front here on the Wyrd Daze blog during an arduous Summer, but plans are afoot! Here’s an update of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

There have been two recent Wyrd Mails:

Wyrd Mail 014 came with the announcement of a forthcoming new era of the Wyrd Daze zine. ‘Wyrd Daze Issue One’ is currently under development, and will feature the return of David Southwell’s The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland.

I’ve recently put together the “cover” for the new look Phoenix Guide, and here it is:

Hookland Guide cover

(all photographs by David Southwell)

Wyrd Mail 015 was released just before Halloween and announced the sixth annual Samhain Seance mix by Wyrd Daze’s resident audio wyrdo The Ephemeral Man.

Triffid Witch

If you haven’t yet subscribed to the Wyrd Daze mailing list (Wyrd Mail) and would like to do so, you can do so HERE. Wyrd Mail is the most direct way to gain news from the world of Wyrd Daze, including links to any content released.

There is also now a Wyrd Daze Facebook Group – a place for fellow Wyrdians to hang out, discover, and enthuse about things from the Wyrd Daze world and beyond – come take a look!

That’s all for now but there will be more anon.

I wish you the wyrdest of dreams…