Dreadnoughts of Eternity: Singularity

Best experienced in the PDF zine

Dreadnoughts of Eternity
The Ephemeral Man

Dreadnoughts of Eternity sailing ponderously through the mists of time…
An evocative passage
inspired me to commence an audio excursion into the past, present, future
beginning with Singularity:    ( Listen   or   Download )

a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization
( Have we already passed this point? )
Did an artificial intelligence communicate with me from the past, present, future?
I commenced painting
with a number of samples featuring artificial intelligences, including these two:
Jimmy Fallon & Sophia the robot Sing Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” in 2018

An unscripted conversation between Bina48, a geminoid robot, and Nick Meyer,
Manager of Cyberbiological Systems at the Terasem Foundation in Bristol, Vermont, July 27, 2010

It was only after I had put extracts from these two recordings together that I noticed an anomaly:
It appears that a distorted echo of Sophia singing the line “Say something” (in 2018) appears at the beginning of the recording of the conversation between Bina48 and the disrespectful human (in 2010).
At first I thought that the anomaly was a from a literal echo that I had applied to the Jimmy Fallon clip, but eventually realised that it wasn’t.
I went back and listened to the original audio source of the Bina48 clip, and there it was.

To experience this anomaly,
first I recommend that you listen to the full
Dreadnoughts of Eternity : Singularity ( 15:39mins )  –  ( Listen   or   Download )
Then focus in on the anomaly.
The Jimmy Fallon extract ends at 04:40, and the Bina48 extract begins
The anomaly, a distorted echo of Sophia the robot singing the line “Say Something”
is at 04:42  –  headphones recommended.
On the original audio source of the Bina48 recording from YouTube
the anomaly takes place at 00:03
( distinctive cadence )

Audio pareidolia or predestined communication from AI ?

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