Samhain Séance 10 : There and Back Again

Greeting Wyrdians,

I am proud to present the 10th annual Samhain Séance:
There and Back Again

Featuring excerpts from the films:
In The Earth by Ben Wheatley, music by Clint Mansell
Come True by Anthony Scott Burns, music by Electric Youth & Pilotpriest

01 Siouxsie and the Banshees – Trust in Me
02 Black Channels – She Let Go
03 Louis Carnell – The Fold
04 C.O.B – Heart Dancer
05 Electric Youth & Pilotpriest – Coelocanth
06 Talk to Her – Set Me Free
07 Luke Requena – Metallic Plastic
08 Ghosts of Jupiter – Gustav
09 Vanishing Twin – The Organism
10 Clint Mansell – ATU327A
11 Arushi Jain – Richer Than Blood

Wishing you all good times and catharsis during Samhain!
Listen to ghosts, but do ponder before taking their advice.
Blessings & best wishes – Leigh

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