Wyrd Daze Five : The Ephemeral Man

A sonic painting by
The Ephemeral Man

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All source material originally released in 1980

ft. excerpts from the film Altered States
by Ken Russell and Paddy Chayefsky,
with a score by John Paul Corigliano

also ft. the 1980 TV film adaptation of
Brave New World

1. Talking Heads : Once in a Lifetime    
2. Pascal Languirand : Abalii
3. The Sound : Missiles    
4. Cabaret Voltaire : Obsession
5. Asmus Tietchens : Erstes Nachtstück
6. John Foxx : Metal Beat
7. Joy Division : Atrocity Exhibition
8. Fad Gadget : Coitus Interruptus
9. Throbbing Gristle : Adrenalin
10. Bearns & Dexter : Golden Voyage
11. Queen : Flash Gordon soundtrack (excerpt)
12. Bauhaus : Spy in the Cab
13. Harry Bertoia : Swinging Bars
14. Ultravox : Vienna
15. Pascal Languirand : O Nos Omnes
16. Peter Gabriel : Games Without Frontiers

Listen / Download


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