Wyrd Question Daze: Letters From Mouse

Hi, I’m Letters From Mouse or Steven which is probably easier. No idea why I used LFM as a name, it was chosen when playing around with variations of Low Frequency Modulation and it just kind of stuck. Never been that keen on it to tell you the truth. Anyway, I’m a music maker from the heart of Scotland who makes kind chilled tunes. Family man who uses music as a therapy away from a busy work / family life.


Where did you come from and where are you going?

I came from there and have no idea where I’m going, I prefer to live in the present.

What preoccupies your mind these days?

The direction that people stir their coffee / tea has me fascinated just now.

Name a favourite taste, touch, sound, sight and smell

Fish and Chips at the seaside. I lived in a fishing town as a kid and the salty air, seagulls crying etc just take me back to a happy place.

Describe one of your most vivid dreams or nightmares

Losing things or trying to find something is a recurring theme for me, sometimes they are dreams which are pleasant and other times it involves a Clive Barker style scenario which will have me waking up in a sweat, those ones are fun.

Have you ever had an uncanny experience?

Lived in an old house once where we found an old soldier’s tin helmet in a cupboard. That cupboard door never remained shut, kinda freaky

How does your sense of place affect the way you express yourself?

The world is a beautiful place, but it’s easy to not see what is right in front of you. My local surroundings are a constant inspiration in music that I write.

What has particularly touched or inspired you recently?

I’ll be brutally honest here as from a musical perspective I haven’t switched on my equipment for a few months, guess a break was needed. I’ve found myself picking out a lot of my old vinyl and playing that and it’s stuff like old Genesis, Black Sabbath etc that I’ve been re-discovering. Perhaps a full on prog/metal concept album played on modular synths is on the cards, who knows.

Tell us a good story, anecdote or joke

I once visited Rosslyn Chapel as very interested in all the old tales of the Grail and the Knights Templar. It’s a fascinating place where you can really feel history. Spent a long time walking round and taking photos of everything only to discover later that I hadn’t loaded my 35mm with film, what a numpty.


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