The Ephemeral Man’s Salve Mix for Art of Beatz

The Ephemeral Man crafted a mix for Art of Beatz on Vancouver co-op radio which was broadcast on 7.7.22. I present here for you two versions of the mix: the broadcast version which includes some nice words from the host Kuma (much appreciated!), but which interrupts the beginning and the end of the mix, and a clean upload of the full 1hr mix on The Ephemeral Man’s Mixcloud.

If you’d like The Ephemeral Man to craft a mix for your radio show, podcast, blog, etc, you can inquire by dropping him a line at

1 Elyvilon – A Great Stirring
2 Leftfield – 6/8 War
3 Dogs versus Shadows – Fish Nor Flesh Nor Flesh
4 The Chemical Brothers – It Doesn’t Matter
5 Test Card – Every Mile Is Two In Winter
6 Portishead – The Rip
7 Fen Walker – Within the Dark Country
8 Collins – The Clocks
9 Radiohead – Bloom [Blawan RMX]
10 The Incidental Crack – Belting
11 Polypores – Crystal Shop
12 Talvin Singh – Butterfly
13 The Sound of Science –Black Hole (Sagittarius A Star)
14 Erang – Leaving The Vale Of Wind At Night
15 Demdike Stare – Trapped Dervish
16 Underworld – Jumbo (Everything, Everything Live)
17 Imperfect Stranger – Bird of Prey
18 Broadcast & The Focus Group – What I Saw
19 Keith Seatman – Aunt Mary’s Mania
20 Fogweaver – Farther West than West

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