I Can’t Go For That

Featuring musical wonders by:

1 Hall & Oates – I Can’t Go For That (The Ephemeral Man’s Lament)
2 The Kids and the Cosmos – Arrival In Mystery
3 Donna Summer – I Feel Love (The Ephemeral Man’s Rush Strokes)
[released 6th May on Castles in Space]
5 The Buggles – The Plastic Age
6 JOHN 3-16 – Because I could Not Stop for Death…
7 Jilk – March For Salt Over Gold
[released 1st April on Castles in Space]
8 Kemper Norton – Sennen 1950
9 Giants Of Discovery – The Language of Vibration
10 Simon Klee – The Light Of Elevation
[released 8th April on Subexotic]
11 Genesis – Mama (The Ephemeral Man’s Papa Mash Potatoes)
12 The Leaf Library & Teruyuki Kurihara – Kite Beach
13 Sweeney – Lonely Faces
14 Dark Sines – Discovery Of Subterranean Civilization
15 Michael Plater – The Alchemist

Follow the links above to discover some incredible albums ~

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