Wyrd Question Daze: Keith Seatman

Hello. I am Keith Seatman. I record clunky electronic music, which has been described by Bob Fischer (Haunted Generation, Fortean Times) like this. “Write his name in the centre of a crumpled notepad, and – as this extraordinary musical adventure unfurls – let the comparisons explode around it. You’ll end up with Syd Barrett, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, even Tommy Cooper and the remnants of Music Hall” This I think is a fine description because I really do not know how to describe in detail what I do? Bob hit the nail on the head there. I have a new album coming out on Castles in Space in Feb 2022, this will be my 7th album and 2nd release on CiS.

I also have a couple of tracks on some compilations coming up, but Mums the word on them for the time being. You can, if you have the time, bimble over and listen to what I do at Bandcamp:

Full Bob Fischer interview here: https://hauntedgeneration.co.uk/2020/03/12/keith-seatman-doctor-who-and-time-to-dream-but-never-seen/

Where did you come from and where are you going?

I come from here, which is just over there. As for where am I going I really have no idea? I have given this a lot of thought and I genuinely am not sure. I tend to plod along hoping for the best and keep my fingers crossed. However at the time of doing this I am about to go for a very long walk on the South Downs with friends (Mr Jupp, Powell, Stevens and McAlpine) and hopefully end up in Lewes West Sussex.

What preoccupies your mind these days?

Getting by. Everything is all over the place and a bit of a mess, no one knows what the Autumn is going to be like and our so-called leaders have lost the plot. My Daughter is going to University this year and I am constantly fretting about this. Not because she is going away, but because of all the chaos and confusion around Covid at Universities last year and how it was handled (or not handled)

Name a favourite taste, touch, sound, sight and smell.

Taste – Curry every time or something spicy.
Touch – Stroking our Cat.
Sound – Cats Purring, it is very relaxing and calming.
Sight – After being in a 2nd hand record shop for hours and hours you finally see exactly what you are looking for.
Smell – Yet again it has to be a Curry

Describe one of your most vivid dreams or nightmares/ Have you ever had an uncanny experience?

Have combined these together because they cross over. I tend to get nightmares/terrors quite regular. I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was about 7/8 yrs old and wake up in all sorts of odd places round the house and garden. I remember waking up once in the corner of my bedroom, which scarred me quite a lot. So with that in mind my dreams/nightmare’s have always been a tad odd and sometimes seem very real.

A couple of years ago I had quite a vivid nightmare. I remember opening my eyes and noticed a very old Woman standing over me. The old Woman was leaning forward with her hands at waist height palms up. I started to shout at her and went to push her away. My wife woke me up and I put the light on. No one was there. It was as I was trying to go back to sleep that I suddenly realised that I was not 100% sure if I had in fact even been in a deep sleep when this happened, or one of those drifting off states of half sleep, when you are quite conscious of everything around you. I really cannot say for sure what happened that night. It was very uncanny.

How does your sense of place affect the way you express yourself?

Sense of place and memories regarding that place definitely affect me and how I express myself.

It might only be a fleeting memory or feeling of that place, which is how the whole idea and concept for the last album (Time to Dream but Never Seen) came about. The idea for the next album Sad Old Tatty Bunting came about because of very early morning walks, walks that were in the past very familiar to me but because of lockdown had changed. With this change I noticed things, which I had not seen or maybe had no memory of ever seeing. Situations like this will often contribute to the confused and back to front way I work and make music.

What has particularly touched or inspired you recently?

Finally catching up with friends after being locked down and isolating. When I started completing this (Wyrd Question Daze) I was about to catch up with Mr Jupp, Powell, Stevens and McAlpine. This did happen, however Mr Powell has recently been a tad poorly so could not make it. What was so lovely and inspiring about this mighty South Downs walk was I realised that apart from going to work I have not really seen and spent much time with anyone outside of my family for way over a year. The conversations, humour and laughter that weekend were inspiring and truly wonderful.

Tell us a good story, anecdote or joke.

Mr Stevens was recently telling a story, he mentioned Vienna. I stopped him and said, “Sorry I missed what you said…where was it?” “Vienna” he replied. “Sorry,” I said “it means nothing to me.”