Blood Tide Station: transmission 3

Inspired by a conversation with authors Simon Drax and David Southwell, I began a series of experimental short-form “sonic paintings” under the umbrella title of Blood Tide Station, each one named after an episode of the classic 70’s Gerry & Sylvia Anderson sci-fi television series Space 1999 (which all three of us admire).

Sonically, my intent is to play with a smorgasbord of sound and rhythm, including ambient breathing spaces and moments of humour.

You can download Blood Tide Station transmissions


  1. Elisabeth N. · 24 Days Ago

    This is so interesting, intriguing– i’m currently watching “Space 1999” on a Chicago station that broadcasts nationally every night at 3:00 and this very much matches and extends the look and sounds of the program, the moods of it, the little quirks and surprises. i’ll be listening to this again–like it very much.

    • Leigh Wright · 23 Days Ago

      Hi Elizabeth – thank you for your kind words! I’ve been really enjoying going through Space 1999 and making these strange musical episodes. There are 3 more to come over the next few weeks, so look out for those! I’ll be pausing after number 6… but may well come back to do some more later. Good to hear you’re getting to watch the show over there, even if it is at 3:00 – mind you, I’m a night owl too and some of the best things happen at 3am! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment! Best wishes – Leigh.

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