Blood Tide Station

Inspired by a conversation with authors Simon Drax and David Southwell, I began a series of experimental short-form “sonic paintings” under the umbrella title of Blood Tide Station, each one named after an episode of the classic 70’s Gerry & Sylvia Anderson sci-fi television series Space 1999 (which all three of us admire).

September 13th is Breakaway Day, marking the day the Moon was blown out of Earth’s orbit by a nuclear catastrophe, as depicted in the first episode of Space 1999: Breakaway.

These sonic paintings contain samples from each episode as well as loops, soundscapes, and a variety of audio wyrdness (YouTube remains a good source of sychronistic inspiration).

I have a few of these done so far, each one designed to segue into the next. I’m posting the first two here and will follow with further transmissions over the next few weeks. Sonically, my intent is to play with a smorgasbord of sound and rhythm, including ambient breathing spaces and moments of humour.

You can also download both transmissions

With thanks to Simon and David.


1976 Space 1999 annual

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