Logan’s Run

When times are tough I like to throw myself into music, the great escape!
So here, all of a sudden and not a moment too soon, a new sonic painting.
Cathartic thanks to the artists and their wonderful music.
Made with love ~ Eph

Featuring Logan’s Run
Directed by Michael Anderson
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Listen ^ *-* Download

1 Blackbird & Crow – The Witch That Could Not Be Burned
2 J.K. & Co. – Magical Fingers Of Minerva
3 Four Tet – Insect Near Piha Beach
4 Ken Nordine – Green
5 Nine Inch Nails – Letting Go While Holding On
6 Ramases & Selket – Molecular Delusion
7 Stick in the Wheel – Drive the Cold Winter Away
8 Ken Nordine – Yellow
9 Hilary Woods – Orange Tree
10 Helen Money – Midnight
11 Underworld – Custard Speedtalk
12 The Orb – Slave Till U Die No Matter What U Buy (L’anse Aux Meadows Mix)
13 Isobel Campbell – City of Angels

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