Wyrd Daze Lvl.4 * : Lordess Foudre

Best experienced in the PDF zine

Thank you for inquiring about Lordess Foudre. Here we can casually discuss the personal details and lifestyle of an online artist, and feel free of shame, lack of integrity, or doubt. Slow zoom on Lordess Foudre sitting at her computer desk, ethereal music fades in as she turns around and smiles into the camera, then freeze frame with the title, “Friend of Humanity”. Then fade to black, and then without you being able to see or hear it, Lordess Foudre turns back towards the camera with glowing red eyes and cackles alone in an empty room, and then talks about how much she loves political candidates who you hate, then voices her support for the wrong social movements, then happily says incorrect scientific beliefs before turning back to her computer, to create new art pieces borne out of a love for humanity. And not a naive or childlike love, but a love of humanity forged in the deepest and darkest depths, a humanity that chooses to rise through coarse stone to seize the light of hope. She creates art pieces in the hopes that she can help to give tangible form to our higher ideals, so that we can better see the bridge leading upwards, a bridge we may one day have the ability to create. Lordess Foudre has chosen to live, and to one day die, creating and laying those metaphysical planks.


Judge, jury, and executioner of thoughts

I have no idea what I saw,
now listen to me tell you what I saw for six hours straight

It will make your life so much easier and faster

I was extremely sleep deprived, and started automatically making a piece of art out of habit, but this time I gave myself over completely to whatever dream-space my ideas and words normally come from. I didn’t stop to think, refine or reinterpret the raw messages coming from whatever vituperative energy I’ve been sensing lately. So, here is the closest thing to automatic writing I’ve ever created. Looking at it now, with sober mind, I do believe the invidious aphorisms are ironic, and the poetry is sincere. The imagery comes from my radioactive dreams


Sterilized for the Internet


I want to play in a film as an introverted villain
who secretly wants to become a hero

The supreme leader will now read today’s superchats

It’s a lot easier to be at your best when you’re not bending over backwards to keep other people at their worst


Should your updates be automatically installed and I’m not included in the latest version, may the memory of our time together remain embedded somewhere deep in your framework


I WAS BANNED IRL FOR YOUR SINS ONLINE – Virtual Martyr Simulator 2099 ❤
Tap ‘Like’ to pierce me with the spear of Longinus, post a selfie of it, make me look righteous. MY BODY JUST UNFOLLOWED MY SOUL, descended into the Darkweb eternal black hole, J/K LOL, Death was just a 3 Day Trial & now I’ve unlocked my mission,
Resurrection 2: Game of the Year Edition

Lordess Foudre

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