Wyrd Daze Five: ’94 – ’95

Two new sonic paintings by
The Ephemeral Man

’94 – ’95:
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’94 – ’95 Mirrorverse:
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The early to mid-nineties were formative years for one particular incarnation of The Ephemeral Man. This time he was 19 & 20 years of age in ’94 – ’95. He’d already had his first ever psychedelic experience in ’92: an acid trip at an Orb gig. He’d left home at 18 to squat in an empty council house with a friend. When the Council finally kicked them out, he hitched to Luton to visit a friend who was there for Uni. In Luton he discovered Jungle and lost his virginity in an affair with a 33 year old woman with a thing for the film Bram Stoker’s Dracula (she wore a cloak). He also had some kind of transcendental experience whilst alone in a park reading a book about Shamanism; many things clicked into place that day, much of it indescribable. By ’94 he was back in Lincolnshire getting into all sorts of trouble, before moving from Sleaford to Boston to embark upon a college course in Popular Music (During one showcase evening open to the public, amongst all the indie bands, he performed a Jim Morrisonesque improvisation over strange electronic beats, accompanied by a TV festooned in Christmas lights showing René Laloux’s Fantastic Planet {hey blue girl, why so blue?} ). 1994 was the year of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, which the UK government introduced in an attempt to crack down on the “anti-social behaviour” of people gathering together to explore shared experience through dancing, the taking of drugs and the exchanging of ideas and feelings.

All source material originally released in 1994/95

Ft. excerpts from Brainscan
directed by John Flynn
+ Strange Days
directed by Kathryn Bigelow

’94 – ’95

1 Atom Infant Incubator: Segment 0-1 
2 The Prodigy:
The Narcotic Suite: Claustrophobic Sting
3 Tricky: Aftermath
4 The Orb: Oxbow Lakes
5 The Future Sound of London:
Among Myselves
6 Mickey Finn: World Dance –
The Midsummer Dance Party (excerpt)
7 Aphex Twin: Cow Cud is a Twin
8 Slowdive: Miranda
9 Massive Attack: Protection
10 The Chemical Brothers:
Three Little Birdies Down Beat
11 Underworld: Cowgirl
12 Scanner: Mass Observation
13 Bjork: Possibly Maybe
14 Lisa Gerrard: The Rite
15 Depth Charge: Dead by Dawn
16 Nine Inch Nails: A Warm Place
17 Portishead: Roads
18 Steve Tibbetts: All for Nothing

’94 – ’95 Mirrorverse

1 Massive Attack: Weather Storm
2 Aphex Twin: Corrugated Tubing
3 Saint Etienne: Cool Kids of Death
4 The Prodigy: Break and Enter
5 Lisa Gerrard: Adjhon
6 The Future Sound of London: Ill Flower
7 Slowdive: Trellisaze
8 Portishead: Strangers
9 Bjork: The Modern Things
10 Deathprod: Treetop Drive 1
11 Tricky: Overcome
12 The Orb: Occidental
13 Scanner: Untitled (Mass Observation)
14 Tori Amos: Bells for Her
15 Blur: Girls and Boys (Ephemeral edit)
16 Telepathy: Steppin ’95
17 Leftfield: Black Flute
18 Experimental Audio Reasearch: D.M.T. Symphony (Overture to an Inhabited Zone)
19 Stereolab: Three-Dee Melodie

May induce altered states of consciousness…

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