Wyrd Daze: Moon City & Wyrd Claw giveaway!

Wyrd Daze is the e-zine of speculative fiction + extra-ordinary music, art & writing!

Moon City & Wyrd Claw

Generously donated to Wyrd Daze by @RealSardonicus

Wyrd Daze was born from the desire to curate a place where extraordinary art, music and writing mingle to create something unique, a place where independent creativity is encouraged and supported.

Wyrd Daze offers an alternative model for supporting the arts that rejects the current trend of “algorithmic culture,” where content is sorted (or rejected), categorised and streamed to us by corporations that reap most of the profits, leaving most creators barely able to make anything, let alone a living, from their art.

Wyrd Daze is free to view or download. We seek patronage from those able and willing to spare a few coins a month to create a revenue with which to pay contributors to the zine.

Wyrd Daze on Patreon

Through the generosity of current patrons we are proudly able to offer between $40 – $60 per contribution – more than many “semi-pro” zines and websites. Our aim is to keep growing our community, and with it, support for independent creativity.

Patronage also supports Wyrd Daze curator Leigh Wright (currently talking about himself in the third person), who crafts sonic paintings, art and writing as The Ephemeral Man and is world-building and writing fiction in his Zenith’s Edge multiverse – much of this content featured in Wyrd Daze.

In aid of this drive for patronage for Wyrd Daze, @RealSardonicus has very generously donated the 3D-printed marvels Moon City and Wyrd Claw – and there’s an extra glow-in-the-dark Moon City too! A giveaway for each of these prizes will be triggered upon reaching certain goals on the Wyrd Daze Patreon. All current patron names will go into a hat or other suitable receptacle, with a winner chosen at random.

Moon City giveaway triggered when we reach $100 per month
Wyrd Claw giveaway triggered at $125 per month
Glow-in-the-dark Moon City giveaway triggered at $150 per month

These items can be shipped anywhere in the world, courtesy of @RealSardonicus
– a very splendid fellow indeed!

Wyrd Daze on Patreon

Moon City
Wyrd Claw

There are various perk levels available to patrons, including access to patron-only posts, the Wyrd Daze archive and an option to have physical items occasionally sent to you in the mail (in the works!).

There is also the the limited “Six Green Envelopes” perk, where recipients are sent six creative and philosophical instructions and have at least a 1/6 chance to win The Book of Ephemera – the lovely note book pictured below (approx 11 1/2 x 8 inches) filled with art & writing by The Ephemeral Manto be given away on 6.6.19 (The Ephemeral Man’s 7th birthday)

The Book of Ephemera

Art makes us think more deeply, strive more intently, and feel joy more profoundly. Creativity in all its forms brings further meaning to our lives, allowing us to explore existence and communicate our explorations to the world. Wyrd Daze is the embodiment of that for me.

Patronage perks start from as little as $1 per month. You can also support Wyrd Daze by spreading the word – your enthusiasm and enjoyment is invaluable!

I would like to offer hearty thanks and huge appreciation to all those that have supported Wyrd Daze thus far.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Keep it wyrd!

Wyrd Daze on Patreon


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