Wyrd Daze Lvl2 Issue 6

Lvl2 Issue 6

Cover & interior art by The Implicit Order
orchestrated by
The Ephemeral Man

Download this issue for free, HERE

The Wyrd Daze EP

Track One : Огнестрельное Ружье by Oat Oaks
Track Two : Good Ol’ Twine
Douglas E. Powell & The Rising Spirit
Track Three :
So this is DubHop by Black Saturn
Track Four :
Night-Gaunts by K. Fenrir
Track Five :
Will you take me all the way?
The Implicit Order

~ An Interview with Anthony Washburn  

(Troublemaker/Grifter at The Implicit Order)

~ Ontogenesis (a story) by Martin Hayes 

 ~ A tribute to Sylvia Anderson by David Southwell and Simon Drax 

~ An interview with Phillipe Gerber 
(Musician, painter, photographer, engineer,
label manager at Alrealon Musique)

Hippo Daze

artwork by Emma-Jane Rosenberg

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All hail the mighty Oat Oaks!

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