Wyrd Daze Lvl 2 Issue 1

Wyrd Daze has levelled up!

WD Lvl 2 1

This is the cover for Wyrd Daze Lvl 2 Issue 1

The cover and interior artwork for this issue is by
Eygló Daða Karlsdóttir


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Featured in this month’s issue :

 (in order of appearance)

Wyrd Daze irregular Melissa Beall brings us an inspirational essay entitled Starstuff : an ode to Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan

There’s a sneak peek at a comic collaboration between
Becky Munich and Leigh Wright called Illu


Jenna Kraus aka Pope Joan II of The Whip Angels and the Sex.Death.Rebirth blog brings us a poetry.art.music fusion exploration called Persephone’s Threshold.


There’s a story set in the Doctor Who universe by comedian, actor, DJ, and author Lee Rawlings 

Saxon Roach of IXTAB answers some questions about his mesmerising new album R.O.C. 


The Fife Psychogeographical Collective reminisce about the John Cage Centennial and take us through
The Woods and the Words.


The Wyrd Daze Lvl2 EP 1

Track One : IXTAB Parhelion (from the album R.O.C)

Track Two : The Whip Angels Persephone’s Threshold

Track Three: Wizards Tell Lies And Then It Awoke (From an as-yet-unreleased album)

 The Wyrd Daze Podcast


This month’s podcast features an audio extract of one of the stories from Seasons of War : the unofficial Doctor Who charity anthology. The story is called The Celaphas Gift: it was written by Andrew Smith, who wrote the 1980 Tom Baker era Doctor Who episode: Full Circle (Part One) and its novelisation. He’s since gone on to write several Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish

The extract is read by Tracey Norman, with sound design by Simon Brett.

Seasons of War is available via donation in a variety of formats. Donations are in aid of the charity Caudwell Children, for disabled children across the UK, and so far over 6 and a half thousand pounds has been raised! It’s a great book, pretty essential for Doctor Who fans, written by a talented selection of writers affiliated with the cult show in a number of ways. You can donate what you like but please consider giving generously if you can. You can donate and download the book at the Seasons of War Just Giving page HERE.


This issue of Wyrd Daze is dedicated to poet and mystic
Daevid Allen, co-founder of the magnificent marvelous melodious magick band

Daevid has been a huge inspiration to so many of us, and he passed beyond on Friday the 13th March at 1:08PM, boarding the flying teapot for the final trip to planet Gong

This month’s podcast also feature a mix by
The Ephemeral Man which is bookended by tracks from Allen’s joyous 1977 solo album Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life.

Track 1 : Daevid AllenFlamenco Zero 

Track 2 : Daevid AllenWhy do we treat ourselves like we do? 

Track 3 : Bombay Bicycle ClubLights Out, Words Gone

Track 4 : The British Space GroupHaze of Summer

Track 5 : Dead Can DanceWilderness

Track 6 : Fleetwood MacOh Daddy

Track 7 : Kemper NortonHelston 91

Track 8 : Hacker FarmKonrad

Track 9 : IXTAB – St James & The 28 Pieces

Track 10 : RadioheadCodex

Track 11 : Porcupine TreeTime Flies

Track 12 : The Advisory CircleThe Blue Energy Programme

Track 13 : Daevid AllenDeya Goddess