Issue 12 showcase

Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 12 showcase!



The images above and below are by Becky Munich,
whose delightfully macabre illustration graces the cover
and interior of this month’s issue.


shilling hookland

Issue 12 also features a new installment of
The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland
by acclaimed author David Southwell.

Be sure to follow the official Hookland Twitter account HERE

Also in this month’s Wyrd Daze zine is
a fiction short by richnfamous
and a lengthy installment of
Fragments from: The Fife Psychogeographical Collective.


This month’s Wyrd Daze Podcast features a mix by
The Ephemeral Man consisting of music taken from
soundtracks for modern computer games:
Destiny, Dragon Age, Halo, The Last of Us,
Mass Effect
Deus Ex: Human revolutionand Portal

This is hugely underrated music, and it’s probable that people
who don’t play computer games never get to hear it,
so here’s a chance to rectify that!

There is also a second mix which is
exclusive to Wyrd Daze subscribers and those
who buy
 Issue 12, as part of the download.


(The Wyrd Daze Podcast goes up on my Soundcloud account
until replaced by the latest edition.
All previous editions are archived HERE )


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