Issue 11 Showcase


Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 11 showcase!




The above image is by Maxim Peter Griffin, whose artwork is featured in this month’s zine.


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This month’s download features a three track mini-EP from Concretism, and there is an interview with Concretism‘s
Chris Sharp within the zine as well.


In addition there is a track by The Will of Nin Girima called
Spell Three : Carrion offering from the album
Two Cycles of Incantation
on the Invisible City Records label



There’s also a track called Among the Stars from
Rasplyn‘s new album Scenes through the Magic Eye,
out now on Mythical Records, and there is an interview
with Rasplyn‘s Carolyn O’Neill in this month’s zine too!


 A full list of Issue 11 contents follows: 


The Wyrd Daze PDF Zine

– Cover and interior art by Maxim Peter Griffin

– An interview with Carolyn O’Neill

Fragments from: The Fife Psychogeographical Collective

– An Interview with Chris Sharp

– FICTION: Raven and the Boggart by Leigh Wright


The Wyrd Daze EP



Track One : Fog

Track Two : I dreamt of Coryton

Track Three : A Tour of the Factory



Among the Stars

(from the album Scenes Through the Magic Eye on the
Mythical Records label)


The Will of Nin Girima

Spell Three : Carrion offering

(from the album Two Cycles of Incantation on the
Invisible City Records label)

 The Wyrd Daze Podcast


There’s something a little different on the Wyrd Daze podcast this month:
a conversation between myself (Leigh Wright) and writer Jasun Horsley.

We touch on some of the themes in his forthcoming book
Seen & Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist,
and spiral out from there.
A discussion about Sentience, Culture, Discernment, Self,
Life, The Universe, and Everything!

Hope you find it as fascinating as I did! 


Jasun Horsley is an author of several books on popular culture, psychology, and high strangeness, transmedia storyteller, independent scholar, and existential detective.

He lives and works in Canada.

His latest book, 
Seen & Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist

 is due from Zer0 Books in January, 2015.



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