Issue 10 Showcase


Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 10 showcase!



The above image is by Belgian painter, draughtsman, lithographer and poster artist Henri Privat-Livemont (1861 – 1936). His works are in the public domain, and are respectfully displayed within this issue as a tribute to his art.

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Sabine Moore from Waterflower

This month’s download features a three track single by Waterflower and an exclusive mix by Craig Johnson from Invisible City Records.

 IMG_7150cLakshmi Ramgopal – Lykanthea – interviewed in Issue 10

A full list of Issue 10 contents follows: 


The Wyrd Daze PDF Zine

– Cover and interior art by Henri Privat-Livemont

– An interview with Lakshmi Rangopal from Lykanthea

– A trilogy of psychogeographical poems by Christina Scholz

– Fragments from: The Fife Psychogeographical Collective

– FICTION: Keep by Leigh Wright



Track One – An Afterlife

Track Two – Tucan

Track Three – No


A mix for Wyrd Daze by Invisible City Records

Featuring the following tracks:

Death Register – Q (Phonaesthesia, Invisible City Records)

April Larson – Maglor, The Lingering Son (Bear Thee Away To The Houses Of Lamentation)

Apalusa – Flags of Failure (Ghost notes, Low Point)

Witchblood – Untitled (Popular Radiation/Wichblood Split, Boiled Brains Bootlegs)

Maurice’s Death Hotel – Pump 1.2 (Pump, Larry Crywater)

Shiver – Close Your Eyes and Whisper Her Name (Black Feathers, Cruel Nature Recordings)

Black Mountain Transmitter – Deathdream! Part I (Deathdream! Live in Edinburgh, Lysergic Earwax)

The Will of Nin Girima – Song of Warding (Upcoming release on Invisible City Records)


The Wyrd Daze Podcast 10

Featuring the following tracks:

1: Waterflower : An Afterlife

2: The Whip Angels : Velvet Worship (Krishnamurti Mix)

3: Bernholz : Animals

4: Lutine : Synnove

5: Kemper Norton : Ostiaz

6: Concretism : Eiswagen

7: Cyril M : Duo#1

8: Wizards Tell Lies : Path of Zodiacs

9: Lykanthea : Aphonia


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 I leave you with the editorial that I wrote
for this special 10th Issue.


Hey everyone ~ we’ve reached issue 10 ~ Yay !

This project began as a creative leap from me – a challenge to harness a current of creative inspiration that exists among shining threads of humanity connected via the technology of social media. There is a vibrant world of independent artistic pursuits being undertaken by a myriad of crazy wonderful people, and I too feel this urge to experiment and make art, to be part of a loose community of independent thinkers, dreamers, weavers, believers.

And so why not create a zine? That way I can immerse myself in the creativity of others, providing a constant stream of inspiration that demands creative response. Sampling this rapture of creative delights remains the greatest joy about Wyrd Daze for me, and all the people that have shared their craft with us so far have been so generous of heart, so wondrous of soul, and just so fucking talented!

Of course, everybody has talents. Everyone is really good at at least one thing, one passion that we want to spend as much time as possible doing for no other reason than for the love of it. That’s what makes each and every one of us so special.

So hey, let’s make art and be beautiful!

A huge thank you to all the people who have shared their creativity with me, to the loyal subscribers who support this venture, and everyone else who has experienced Wyrd Daze in one form or another, for coming along on the ride.

I wish you all the wyrdest of dreams…




Submissions, correspondence, queries, etc to


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