Issue 8 Showcase


Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 8 showcase!



This is a special issue dedicated to the independent music label Alrealon Musique, and they have been incredibly generous to gift a bonanza of music, videos, and other media for this month’s Wyrd Daze download. 


Here’s some content details:


  • Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies – 16 track compilation album

  • Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by John 3:16 – 5 track EP

  • Philippe Gerber’s Alrealon Musique Mix

  • Black Saturn : a big package bursting with music, videos, lyrics, and art

  • Chester Hawkins : Blue Sausage Infant live video, + bonus video ‘Rail

  • ówt krì : two videos and two audio tracks

  • Trey Crim : a selection of artwork jpegs – used in the Wyrd Daze PDF zine

  • The Wyrd Daze Podcast features an exclusive Alreaon Musique mix by The Ephemeral Man


All that as well as the Wyrd Daze PDF zine!


Licorice Twist

Licorice Twist by Trey Crim



There are several ways to access
Issue 8 of Wyrd Daze:


As a stand alone product, including all multimedia content,
for $5 HERE


You can subscribe via Patreon for as little as $1, and all Patreon subscribers get access to the Wyrd Daze Patreon activity stream, with exclusive content. For more details and all Patreon subscription options, go HERE


You can subscribe via the Wyrd Daze Gumroad shop HERE


or you can subscribe directly via Paypal with the button below (and receive your first download within 24hrs) 



Subscriptions create a revenue with which
to pay contributors for their original contributions
to Wyrd Daze



The Wyrd Daze Podcast


Here’s a track list of the music used in this month’s podcast: 


Heliocentrism – The Tree Inside

Rapoon – Glass

John 3:16 – Abyss of Hell / Clouds of Fire

PAS Musique – Modern Witchcraft

Black Saturn – Voodoo

Philippe Petit – Pyramid of the Moon

Jurica – Postcard from Hinterland

FluiD – Forwarning

Blue Sausage Infant – How to Achieve Somnambulim

[ówt krì] – Dance in Silence

Rasplyn – Preistess of the Goddess

Heliocentrism – Puszcza Bialowieska

Rapoon – Banjo Arabiata

The Use – Time Burton

Kine – Meditation 3

PAS Musique – Sin

Blue Sausage Infant – Yggdrasil

FluiD – Disrupting the Ghost

The Jazz Fakers – Oh Rise New

Black Saturn – Minor Affliction



For more information about Alrealon Musique,
please visit their website HERE


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