Hello there, Wyrd Heads!

Issue 8 of Wyrd Daze is on the way and will be an
Alrealon Musique Special, dedicated to the
exciting and eclectic label.

It’s a bit overdue as I have been very busy over the
past few weeks, and I’m still gathering the materials
to be included in the issue.


So in the meantime I’ve put together a little interlude package for Wyrd Daze subscribers which includes the following:


– an exclusive audio collage from The Ephemeral Man
crafted especially for this interlude which includes
material from a forthcoming EP

– episode 3 of Paperclippe‘s
Life, the Universe, and Everything vlog

– a raw text peek at the next instalment of acclaimed author David Southwell‘s Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland


All subscribers should by now have received a message
with a link to download this interlude.


Subscribe now via Patreon from as little as $1 a month and you will receive this interlude package as well as a free digital copy of the original print version of Wyrd Daze
and an 11 track music compilation.

Patreon subscribers also have access to ongoing exclusive content on the Wyrd Daze Patreon page.
For more details, click HERE.






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