Issue 7 Showcase

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Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 7 showcase!

The above image is by Colleen Kinsella, whose wondrous art
can be found throughout this issue.

Colleen is also one half of the magnificent band Big Blood
with Caleb Mulkerin, and I’ve put together a
10 track compilation of Big Blood music
as part of the Wyrd Daze download – there is also an interview with the band in the PDF zine.


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The full list of issue 7 contents:


The Wyrd Daze EP 7

Bernholz Alive!

Keith Seatman Into the Well

Language of Shapes Stitches 


A Big Blood compilation

The Sound the Sea

Creepin Crazy Time

Leviathan Song Pt I

She Sells Sanctuary


Wrinkles & Ribbons


Graceless Lady

Vitamin C

Coming Home pt III


The Wyrd Daze Zine

Cover and interior art by Colleen Kinsella

An interview with Bernholz

FICTION: The Puddle by Eygló Daða Karlsdóttir

An interview with Big Blood

– The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland
by David Southwell

POEM: Bendochy by Kieron Bacon

– Concrete Island by Laica

– Leaves from the Tree by Kip

FICTION: Breaking Up by William C Rasmussen


Life, the Universe, and Everything

A vlog by Paperclippe


The Wyrd Daze Podcast

Featuring a great selection of music
from Wyrd Daze and beyond!



The Wyrd Daze Clubs


With Wyrd Daze‘s expansion onto Patreon, the ongoing crowdfunding platform, there are now several subscription offers, including the Wyrd Daze Clubs. There are two Clubs: the Music Club and the Writing Club. Dedicated contributors contribute exclusive content to these clubs every month, and the money raised from subscriptions to these clubs is shared equally between the creators.


Subscription to a Club costs a mere $5, but you can subscribe to both for $8!


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The Music Club – 2nd Edition contents:

Track One:  Cracked Windows and Hardwood Floors  by  Lost Trail

Track Two:  The Mystic’s prayer  by  Septimus Keen

Track Three:  Doom  by  The Ephemeral Man

Track Four:  Maypole  by  Chris Lambert

Track Five:  Mystery Tape  by  The Implicit Order


The Writers Club – 2nd Edition contents:

Night Work by Zachary Corsa

Thirty Birds by Christina Scholz

Perdita in pieces by James Knight

May Pole by Chris Lambert

Raven and the Boggart by Leigh Wright