Issue 5 showcase




Hello and welcome to the Wyrd Daze Issue 5 showcase!


The above image is by The Implicit Order, who provides photography throughout this month’s PDF zine.


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Issue 5 is bursting with wonder-filled content:


The Wyrd Daze EP 5

Black is the Colour by Lutine

Moora Neya by The Doomed Bird of Providence

Yvette of the Debbies by Mouse Sucks

Suddenly by Dodson and Fogg

Shoulder of Mutton Wood by Stab Hands


The Wyrd Daze Zine:

– an interview with Lutine

– The art of The Doomed Bird of Providence album Blind Mouths Eat by Peter Aldritch

– an interview with Chris Wade of Dodson and Fogg

– Fiction: DEJA TUE by Christina Scholz

– art/photography: Badb Catha and The Blindfolded Seeress by Paul Watson

– Fragments from The Fife Psychogeographical Collective

– comic strip: Who by Fire by Christina Scholz and Joshua Levesque

– The Visitations of Melmoth and the Legend of the Wanderer: The Haunting of the Somnambulist by Jim Peters

– art: 2 fictional film posters by Charles Swain

– On stylization  by  Jason Simpson



Mystery by Dodson and Fogg


The Wyrd Daze Podast:

This month’s podcast features an audio collage sculpted from Season 1 of the television drama Hannibal, by The Ephemeral Man

 There’s a first play of a track from the forthcoming EP To Mahina by Kemper Norton 

And also, a play of some of the music from this month’s Wyrd Daze EP 



All episodes of the Wyrd Daze podcast are freely available to listen to at the Wyrd Daze Mixcloud page HERE




Wyrd Daze competition and update


Time for another Wyrd Daze update, including news of a competition!

I’m pleased to say that the zine is going strong: I’m currently putting together issue 5, and as I type there are 25 subscribers. Having 25 people happy to invest a little money every month is quite an achievement for an independent endeavour, and I am very proud of how the zine is progressing. The quality of contributions continues to be excellent, and I am extremely grateful to all those who have given their time and shared some of their magnificent creativity. With 25 subscribers, I am able to pay regular contributors a little for their work.


The next goal is to keep spreading the word and reach 50 subscribers, whereupon I will be able to pay more people more money for their contributions. I firmly believe that artists deserve to get paid for their work as much as anyone does, and that a subscription based model such, as with Wyrd Daze, is a good viable way to facilitate such payment: directly, without intervention disrupting the creativity, and without intrusion from advertising or other commercial limitations.


So, what you can do to help is spread the word, create something, contribute, perhaps write a review of the zine or a specific part of it, and most of all consider subscribing, to help support independent creativity. It’s not a chore, it’s a gift: for only $5, which is less than £3, you get a dazzling amount to content every month!


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Every little share, good word, contribution, review, and subscription really helps. Thank you so much to all those that do!


On to the competition! Watch the short video below…


So, all you have to do is guess when all the snow will be gone, and the person who guesses the closest will win a 5 month subscription to Wyrd Daze. Email your guess to


Current subscribers can enter too, and can win a special prize, the detail of which I’m keeping under wraps for a little longer.

Thank you very much for your time,

I wish you the wyrdest of dreams…