Issue 3 Showcase



Issue 3 of Wyrd Daze is now available HERE!


The following is showcase of some of the delights to be found within this month’s download…


A 20 page sample PDF of the zine can be viewed and downloaded HERE


Red Dragon Rising

There’s a showcase of amazing art by Rik Rawling…

Run With The Hunted 2


Amazing stories by Keith Haworth and Chris Lambert, and poetry by Kip…


The Wyrd Daze EP this month features the following tracks:

Anonymous3 ~ Consequence of thought

concrete/field – pwdre sêr

The Implicit Order – The D’ampton Wyrm

Septimus Keen – project noise


Downloads of excellent videos by Michael Warren and Septimus Keen

Michael Warren‘s video for The Hare and The Moon track O Death is embedded below


And the Wyrd Daze podcast this month features:

– a play of the track The Atomic Age! by The Protagonist!

– a surreal poetry rendition of The Crope of Dammerdrole

written and recorded especially for Wyrd Daze by The James Worse Public Address Method

The Crimson Executioner Part 2 by The Ephemeral Man




All this and more in Issue 3 of Wyrd Daze!


Click HERE to subscribe for only $5 – less than $3 !





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