Wyrd Daze update


Issue 3 is out now, and there are just a few days left to subscribe and receive a digital version of the original print version of Wyrd Daze, which will be transferred to the list of stand alone BACK ISSUES from Issue 4.


There’s another bounty of wonders coming in Issue 4, with stories by Sean Quigley and Keith Haworth, and the next installment of The Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland by David Southwell, amongst other things.


The Issue 4 EP has an exclusive track by komische maestro Guenter Schlienz (there’s an interview with him in the zine too), as well as tracks by Anonymou3 and Concretism.


All that and, of course, much MORE!


Subscribing to Wyrd Daze costs $5 a month, which is less than £3. The money raised creates a revenue with which to pay creators for their original contributions to the zine.

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The more people subscribe, the more I’ll be able to pay, so please consider subscribing to help support independent creativity!


Submissions of writing, art, music, video, photography, and just about any other creative endeavour you can imagine will be considered and are much appreciated! Please contact Leigh at wyrd.daze@gmail.com





Issue 3 Showcase



Issue 3 of Wyrd Daze is now available HERE!


The following is showcase of some of the delights to be found within this month’s download…


A 20 page sample PDF of the zine can be viewed and downloaded HERE


Red Dragon Rising

There’s a showcase of amazing art by Rik Rawling…

Run With The Hunted 2


Amazing stories by Keith Haworth and Chris Lambert, and poetry by Kip…


The Wyrd Daze EP this month features the following tracks:

Anonymous3 ~ Consequence of thought

concrete/field – pwdre sêr

The Implicit Order – The D’ampton Wyrm

Septimus Keen – project noise


Downloads of excellent videos by Michael Warren and Septimus Keen

Michael Warren‘s video for The Hare and The Moon track O Death is embedded below


And the Wyrd Daze podcast this month features:

– a play of the track The Atomic Age! by The Protagonist!

– a surreal poetry rendition of The Crope of Dammerdrole

written and recorded especially for Wyrd Daze by The James Worse Public Address Method

The Crimson Executioner Part 2 by The Ephemeral Man




All this and more in Issue 3 of Wyrd Daze!


Click HERE to subscribe for only $5 – less than $3 !