Issue 2 showcase



Issue 2 of Wyrd Daze is now available, so it’s time to showcase some of the delights to be found within this month’s package…

A 29 page sample PDF of the zine can be viewed and downloaded HERE


TDBOMP 1final

Freelance illustrator and editor Mahendra Singh brings us a peek into The Dream Book of Mr Pyridine, a most deliriously useful and entertaining device for interpreting dreams…



There’s a fascinating in-depth interview with musician and academic Phil Legard, and an extensive compilation of his music under the name Xenis Emputae Travelling Band.


Elsewhere in the zine there’s great music articles by Michael Holland and Jason Simpson, poetry and photography by Kip, stories by Eilleen Mary Holowka and Clare Appplegate, interviews with Matt Bower of Wizards Tell Lies and Dave Fleet of LAICA, another account of Melmoth the Wanderer by Jim Peters, further fragments from The Fife Psychogeographical Collective, and video courtesy of Joseph Curwen


Household of Hellequin is a collaboration between my alter ego The Ephemeral Man and Quebecoise electronic artist Rebecca Lagueux – we have contributed a track to this month’s Wyrd Daze EP called Harii, which is from a forthcoming EP. 


The Wyrd Daze EP 2 also contains tracks from Wizards Tell Liesmicromelancolié, and LAICA


And this month’s podcast features a mix of some of the music that has featured in Wyrd Daze, much of it exclusive, loving interspersed with the classic Japanese sci-fi Destroy all Planets.



To subscribe to Wyrd Daze for only 5 Canadian dollars (which as I type is £2.88), please visit the shop HERE








Wyrd Daze love, and one heck of a bargain!

Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly - from the Wyrd Daze original print zine.

Map of Mistakes by Declan Kelly – from the Wyrd Daze original print zine.


We are close to the launch of Issue 2 of Wyrd Daze, which means there are only a few days left to subscribe to receive Issue 1.


And here’s a tip: if you subscribe before Nov 30th, you will effectively be getting 3 issues of the zine for 5 Canadian dollars, which as I type converts to the incredibly low price of £2.93!


To clarify – your subscription lasts a month, so if you subscribe before Nov 30th you will receive Issue 1, a digital version of the original print zine, and Issue 2, released on 30th Nov.


Now that  is one heck of a bargain!


Click HERE to subscribe


After Nov 30th, Issue 1 will be available as a stand alone product for $5, and I’ll continue to archive back issues in this way for latecomers. 


The zine has been getting a good deal of love, and it is an honour and delight for it to have been mentioned by some people who I admire greatly:


Multi-instrumentalist Matt Bower took some time to interview me about Wyrd Daze at his blog, which you can read HERE.


Artist and designer John Coulthart, who may well be contributing to a future issue of the zine, mentioned Wyrd Daze at his blog HERE.


BBC resident hauntologist Robin the Fog, who contributed a mix to Issue 1, blogged about the zine HERE.


And freelance writer and musician Jason Simpson wrote a wonderful piece about Wyrd Daze for Amazing Stories, HERE.


I leave you with a sneak peak of Issue 2, a page from The Dream book of Mr. Pyridine by Mahendra Singh 


TDBOMP 7final



Issue 1 showcase




Time to showcase some of the delights to be found within the Wyrd Daze Issue 1 download!


The wondrous illustration above was contributed by
Emma-Jane Rosenburg, and serves as the zine’s inner cover. 


I’ve compiled a 34 page sampler PDF of the zine to give you an idea of what’s inside. (The full zine has 66 pages)

You can view and download the sampler HERE


Single page comic strip by Mo Ali

Single page comic strip by Mo Ali


The video embedded below is “An audio visual disintegration rendition of Erik Saties vexations” by Black Classical, part of a larger package that also includes audio files and pictures – included in the Wyrd Daze Issue 1 download. 



And in case you missed it on launch day, I’ve embedded the Wyrd Daze Podcast again below, which features music and three audio dramas: a spoof horror called The Crimson Executioner, weird tale The Instructor written and performed by Joshua Levesque, and part one of post apocalyptic sci-fi Silent Streets: The Awakening by CS



I leave you with one of the photographs provided by
David Southwell that are scattered throughout Issue 1 of the zine.


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